All Natural Hair Restoration with Platelet-Rich Plasma

While it’s fairly common to notice that your hair has begun to thin out at a certain age, this is almost never an exciting reality for those who experience it. Hair loss can be a troubling situation for a number of reasons, and lots of individuals can experience hesitancy at the idea of using annoying topical treatments or would like to avoid going the surgical route and getting artificial hair plugs.

At the Silicon Valley Institute for Aesthetics, we offer hair restoration with platelet-rich plasma (also known as PRP). This procedure is totally natural and utilizes your body’s own growth compounds to create impressive results, restoring your appearance and boosting your self-confidence in the process. To learn more about our hair restoration treatments, reach out and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

The Benefits of PRP Hair Restoration

Our patients love PRP hair restoration not only for its ability to help them regain their youthful appearance but also for its ability to accomplish this work in a safe and completely natural way.

You’ll also find that PRP hair restoration is surprisingly quick, easy, and comfortable, as well. The extent of your discomfort will involve the process of drawing a small amount of blood, which can extract the PRP that helps to naturally and effectively regrow your hair. Once this is complete, the solution is carefully injected into the treatment area. A topical numbing cream can help make this more comfortable, but most patients find the overall experience to be surprisingly tolerable.

An All-Natural Alternative to Traditional Hair Restoration Options

Here at SVIA, we’re committed to bringing you the most advanced treatment modalities available. We find that by offering our patients the most cutting-edge options, we’re able to create results that far surpass expectations.

PRP hair restoration makes use of a compound known as platelet-rich plasma. Once it’s extracted from your blood, this compound is positively packed with nutrients and growth factors, all of which go to work restoring your hair.

In many cases, hair loss is caused by follicles that essentially fall dormant as we age. Your PRP serum will interact with these sleepy follicles, kick-starting their hair growth. This results in the natural and attractive restoration of your hair.

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Your Impressive Results

Hair restoration does not produce immediate results, as this treatment is designed to naturally encourage your hair follicles to once again grow thick, healthy hair. This means that it will take some time for your treatment to begin taking effect. Most patients start to notice their results taking shape after six to eight weeks.

SVIA was created to bring you a truly unique aesthetic experience, uniting the talents and abilities of a handpicked team of surgeons and aesthetic professionals under a single network. When you’re ready to learn more about what the Silicon Valley Institute for Aesthetics can do for you, a member of our team is standing by.

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