Introducing Our Signature RNR™ Procedures

One of the most urgent questions our patients often have involves the aftercare process. Getting back to normal after an invasive surgical procedure can take time, and frequently involves a fair amount of discomfort. At the Silicon Valley Institute for Aesthetics, we’ve pioneered an approach that foregoes the need for narcotics pain medications, thanks to our signature RNR Procedures. If you’d like to learn more about the various RNR Procedures we offer, simply reach out and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

Why Our Patients Love RNR Procedures

  • Accelerated aftercare process
  • Minimal use of opiates
  • Use of gentle medications
  • No restrictions on movement
  • No need for special dressings, bras, or drains
  • Use of nerve blockage for enhanced comfort
  • Ability to shower within 24 hours of your procedure

During Your Consultation

The consultation and pre-operative phases give us an important opportunity to create a surgical plan that will enable you to avoid the use of narcotics and enjoy a more comfortable and accelerated aftercare process, thanks to our RNR Procedures.

For a procedure like a breast augmentation, for example, we’ll discuss the tissue-based techniques we'll be using, and help you to select implants that will optimize your aftercare process by best suiting your specific anatomy, while also meeting your personal cosmetic goals.

Avoiding Lengthy Recovery Times

RNR Breast Augmentation

During our RNR Breast Augmentation procedure, we’ll use local anesthetic techniques that are designed to block specific sensory nerves, which helps to promote a speedy aftercare process and reduces postoperative pain, in addition to medication that helps you avoid nausea after surgery.

Our “no-touch” technique helps to prevent bleeding, while the use of the Keller funnel minimizes the risk of capsular contracture and reduces tissue injury during the procedure. Antibiotic and betadine irrigation also help to significantly decrease any risks.

Your surgeon will utilize a surgical closure technique that effectively minimizes any scarring, and we’ll outfit you with a surgical dressing only. You won’t have to deal with any wraps that limit your range of motion, so you can be mobile as quickly as possible.

RNR Tummy Tuck

During an RNR Tummy Tuck procedure, we’ll use traditional anesthesia alongside an epidural injection and sedation. You’ll be breathing on your own, in other words, but won’t feel any pain due to a long-acting local injection that keeps you totally comfortable during the procedure.

As we prepare for your operation we’ll use a specially formulated cocktail of medications that will help to optimize pain control and enable you to avoid any serious nausea once you’re done with your operation.

Your surgery will be performed without the use of any drains (in what’s known as a drainless abdominoplasty), and we’ll make every effort to ensure that you’re up and moving around almost immediately after your surgery.

Our RNR Mommy Makeover

Are you interested in a comprehensive procedure that can restore your pre-pregnancy look and enable you to enjoy your youthful contours once again? The RNR Mommy Makeover procedure combines the RNR Breast Augmentation and RNR Tummy Tuck procedures (along with other techniques that can be discussed during your consultation) in a way that enables you to enjoy an abbreviated aftercare process that involves significantly reduced discomfort.

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Discovering Your Incredible Results

In addition to minimizing scarring and helping you to get back up and on your feet in no time at all, our advanced RNR Procedures also eliminate the need for opiate-based pain medications, which tend to make our patients feel sleepy and out of sorts.

You’ll be able to shower and move around effectively within about 24 hours of your surgery, thanks to a multi-modality medication regimen that helps to minimize side effects while maximizing the speed of your aftercare process. When you’re ready to learn more, simply reach out and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

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